How do we get what we want versus what we’ve got?

Think about this statement: the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.  How would you feel if this statement were 100% true? I know at times I’m a little embarrassed by this. I’d be a bit bummed out that it’s actually my fault things are the way they are. After that quick little pity party I’d then be motivated and inspired. This would mean I determine what happens in my life. If it is really that simple, I know I can have the self-discipline to make the simple act of maklong term by hlkljgking sure my thoughts are only on what I want. This means that my happiness is something that I am in control of and my responsibility. I simply need to choose what I’d like experience and only focus on that.

This means the aspects of our lives we do not currently like, that keep showing up, are the result of our thoughts.  This would be like going into an expensive restaurant and ordering something that I despise, eating it, hating it, and then spending a lot of money on it. Not only that, but also then going back to that same restaurant and doing it again and again. That sounds ridiculous.  But this principle is essentially saying that is what we are doing. Becoming aware of what we are thinking about, what we are ‘feeling’ about is the first step in the process of change. Awareness is the key to change.  It may seem impossible to stop thinking about the struggle and pain you might be dealing with and I agree.  Instead of trying to stop the thoughts you don’t want, replace them with thoughts you do want about things that you do like.  Choose better feeling thoughts.  Our thoughts do determine the quality of our lives.  Try it and put this theory to the test.

-Tom O’Stasik, author of The Men’s Divorce Playbook

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