Fear and pain – A new way to view it

What is fear really? Fear is no more real than the four little letters on the page, yet able to have control over so many of us. Why do we give into it? Is it the pain that we fear? Whatever that pain is, physical or emotional, is that pain we fear that bad that it changes our choices, behaviors, and motivations? A lot of times that state of fear that we are in and the changes we make to avoid the pains, outlast the duration of whatever pain we might have experienced. Yet pain is an amazing teacher! Our most valuable life lessons are filled with painful experiences. cropped-bg.jpgHow we deal and learn from pain typically defines who we are and who we become. I think a greater value should be put on those individuals that stand up to their fears and fail and consequently experience pain. We shouldn’t pity them for their state of being; we should honor them and be inspired by their courage for challenging their comfort and status quo for the sake of a attempting to achieve a greater reality.   Maybe we do honor those individuals, but a lot of times we secretly are grateful that it wasn’t us that had that experience. But those individuals going thru the experience are growing, evolving, and are highly aware that they’re alive. Not all of us can say that.

Tom O’Stasik, author of The Men’s Divorce Playbook

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